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Belloire Luxury is a conglomerate of Barkati Textiles (est. 1988) and Younus Textile (est. 1995). With our decades of experience in the textile industry and our close affiliations at all levels of the manufacturing process, we can offer our customers unmatched luxury with utmost precision. solution from designing to manufacturing to shipping. Each product that we offer goes through an extensive R&D process to ensure that it stands out in the market. Read more

Why us?

At Belloire Luxury we are dedicated towards making arange of plush and elegant products centered aroundthe demands of the consumer to become the most preferred brand of theconsumers around the globe. We believe that the ultimate feel of luxury can only be achieved with the selection of the highest quality yarn and our 31+ years of experience in the yarn industry helps us source the finest yarn fibers from all around the globe. We then use these fine yarn fibers to create unique and beautiful products, no less than pieces of fine artwork, which the customers are deemed to fall in love with at the first sight. For us, every unit that leaves the factory is not just a product but a promise, a promise of luxury, innovation and quality with our customers. Read more

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If you want to source premium quality towels for your hotel and please your guests, then Belloire Luxury is here for you!

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